August 2022 "What's New"

In August 2022 Greater Giving released feature enhancements focused on Online Bidding and RSVP. Changes to Online Bidding were released on August 24th, 2022 and changes to RSVP were released on August 31st, 2022. 

Haven't used Greater Giving in a while? Check out what was new in June and July 2022, like the new Giving Board Operator tools for quickly adding names and amounts to the Giving Board Display and Convenience Fees at Check Out.

Online Bidding

New Text & Email Recipient Options for Tables

We've added new recipient groups to the Online Bidding Dashboard Send Message tools. Send a message to "Bidders with Assigned Table" to text or email all online bidders who have been assigned to a table. This is a great tool for messaging your in-person attendees separately from your remote bidders if you're holding a hybrid event! Alternatively, send a message to "Bidders by Table #" and select a single specific table of attendees to text or email. Learn more about Online Bidding Messaging Tools


Table Number Data Tag

Insert an online bidder's table number into texts and emails sent from the Online Bidding Dashboard using the [t] message tag. This will personalize the message with the bidder's table assignment. We recommend combining this tool with the new "Bidders with Assigned Table" recipient group to ensure you only message attendees who are assigned to a table. Note that the data that populates includes the word "Table" (e.g. [t] becomes Table 4).

Embed Videos into Online Bidding Packages

Using the video’s embed code, you can embed videos into your Package Description or Restriction fields so that those videos will be playable on the Online Bidding page for your bidders. The embed code (usually found under the video’s Share options) needs to be pasted into the HTML view of the Description or Restriction field. This is a fantastic tool for showcasing high value packages and experiences!



RSVP is used to generate links for offline sales that contain admissions so that the guests can submit their information online. That way you're not stuck manually entering their information into the system and keeping track of dozens of different emails. Learn more about RSVP

Custom Questions

Collect custom information from your guests on RSVP pages by adding up to five custom questions. Set up required or optional questions with three different response format options: written response, multiple choice, or checkbox. The guest's responses to the custom questions will be filed in the guest's Bidder Notes field and appear on great reports like the BID-19: Admissions Purchased and Allocated and at Check In.


Capacity Reached Limit & Customizable Message

RSVP pages limit the number of guests that can RSVP based on the number of admissions available in the sale that the RSVP URL is connected to. For example, if a sponsor's sale comes with a table of 10 guests, once all 10 of those admissions are allocated within the event software, their RSVP URL updates with a capacity reached limit and prevents more guests from registering with that URL. You can customize this message or leave it as the default message, "Capacity has been reached."

Customizable Registration Closed Message

Set up a custom Registration Closed Message for your RSVP pages so that when RSVP is closed they know who to contact or what they need to bring to check in. If you choose not to customize the closed message, the default will say, "Registration is closed."


Customizable Confirmation Receipts

RSVP pages send out confirmation receipts to the guest's email address. These confirmation receipts can be customized in Manage Project Website using Edit Page Settings for the RSVP page. Want to receive copies of all RSVP email confirmations so you're notified when a new RSVP comes in? Set yourself up in the "Org Receiving Emails" field when you're customizing the RSVP confirmations!

RSVP Dashboard Enhancements

Within the RSVP Dashboard, search for specific sales by Purchaser Name or Package Name. You can also sort the results by the available columns to quickly find specific sales or groups of sales such as all sponsorship sales.

Additional Updates and Fixes

  • Online Bidding
    • The SMS history for households that have multiple mobile phone numbers on file is now exportable. The export includes a column for the phone number that the SMS text message was delivered to for both household and individual bidders.
    • The recipient groups labeled “Bidders with Cash Donations” and “Bidders without Cash Donations” is now labeled “Bidders with OB Donations” and “Bidders without OB Donations."
    • The recipient group options are now sorted alphabetically in the Online Bidding Dashboard Send Message tools.
    • Issue Fix: After sending a text or email the screen refreshes and remains on the Send Message page instead of sending the user back to the home page of the Online Bidding Dashboard.
    • Issue Fix: The text for Related Packages on the Online Bidding page no longer overlaps on certain screen sizes.
  • Online Payments
    • Issue Fix: The edit window when using the advanced editing tools is now centered on the screen upon opening rather than at the bottom.
    • Issue Fix: Formatting for the left sidebar displays correctly on desktop and mobile sites.
    • Issue Fix: Navigation link font styles update correctly.
  • Event Software
    • RSVP pages now have a customizable Page Header textbox like other Project Website pages.
    • The following fields are limited to 34 characters when ordering card reader equipment: Company Name, Ship to Attention, Address 1, and Address 2.
    • The following columns have been added to the AGG-18: Tracking of Deleted Records: Sale ID, Payment ID, Sale Price, and Payment Price.
    • Issue Fix: Resolved error when trying to create a new supporter during the import of an online RSVP for a guest whose last name is longer than 9 characters.

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