Online Bidding: Bidder Registration Options

In order to participate in your online auction through Greater Giving, Supporters must be registered for Online Bidding. This process is in addition to a supporter buying a ticket on a Project Website page or being allocated an admission as someone's guest.

There are three different ways that supporters can become online bidders. The method you'll use will depend on the type of event you're holding and the type of bidder they will be. If you have multiple types of bidders, you may use more than one of these methods for the same event. For example, remote bidders may take one path while in-person event attendees will take another.

Each bidder registration option has different requirements for both your organization staff and the bidders. Read further for explanations about when to use each option and then click the provided links for further details about how to implement each option for your event. Whichever method you use, once they become an online bidder, they will receive a Welcome Message.

Types of Bidders:

  • Remote Bidders - Bidders who will be participating in your event virtually and will not be checked in through Go Time.
  • In-Person Event Attendees - Bidders who will be bidding online, but will also be attending an in-person event and be checked in through Go Time.


Option #1: Bidder creates own account through Public Auction Site

This option is best for events that are fully virtual or for the remote participants of a hybrid event. Simply share your event's Public Auction Link via email or on your organization's social media accounts and invite bidders to join. Bidders will visit your Online Bidding site, be able to preview any packages that have been added, and click Get Started to register to bid.

All bidders registering using this option will be required to create their own Online Bidding account and provide their full name, email, mobile number, billing address, and a credit card before they can start bidding.

Once they have created their Online Bidding accounts, their bidder information will flow into View Supporters marked as Online Bidders so that you can manage their data, run reports, and send them texts and emails.

See Remote Bidder Registration

Option #2: Staff checks in attendee through Go Time

This option is best for in-person event attendees of a hybrid event if you will be opening the online auction around the same time that Check In begins. Ensure that your attendees are allocated admissions, then check them in through Go Time Check In.

Use the Guest Details button to ensure they have a mobile number and/or email address on file and swipe their credit card on Step 3 of Check In. Once you complete Check In for a Supporter, they will receive a Welcome Message with their Personal Bidding URL. They will not have to create an account or enter any of their own information.

See Guest Check In or Guest Check In Without Admissions

Option #3: Staff manually enables bidders in View Supporters

Supporters can be individually or mass enabled as online bidders manually by a staff member. Individually enabling a supporter is best for troubleshooting purposes or for individual VIPs. Mass enabling supporters is best for in-person event attendees of a hybrid event if you will be opening the online auction before the day of your event. For example, if you will be opening the online auction a day or week before your in-person event you can mass enable all of your Bidders with Allocated Admissions.

When you enable a Supporter as an online bidder, the bidder does not create an account, enter their own contact information, or provide a credit card. This is why it should only be used for troubleshooting purposes or for supporters whose credit cards you will swipe at an in-person event check in. Once they are enabled as an online bidder they will receive a Welcome Message with their Personal Bidding URL.

See Mass Enabling Bidders or Individually Enabling Bidders


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