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Join us for our special topic webinar series or one of our recurring live training webinars! These webinars combine best practices, tips and tricks, and Greater Giving software how-tos on topics critical to your fundraising efforts presented by our top Greater Giving experts with years of experience. Can't attend a live webinar? Don't worry! All live webinars are recorded and posted afterwards for on-demand viewing. Register for upcoming live webinars or view past webinars below.

Looking for a short training video on a specific topic? Take a look at our full Video Library!

New to Greater Giving? We recommend starting with Greater Giving 101! This training is essential for users and admins alike as it covers everything you need to make your plans for a record-breaking campaign.



button_register-now (1).png Greater Giving 101

One of our most popular webinars, Greater Giving 101 covers the basic functions and features of the software. This training is essential for users and admins alike as it covers everything you need to make your plans for a record-breaking campaign. Recorded Version


Greater Giving 102

Continuing with the fundamentals of Greater Giving’s Event Software, this webinar focuses on setting up and executing key event elements such as Sales & Payments, charging credit cards, Receipts, and running Reports.

Recorded_Version_Button.png Project Websites

This webinar will get your Project Website started selling tickets, accepting donations, and more. Includes several great examples of actual client sites!

Recorded_Version_Button.png Online Bidding

This webinar covers how to use Online Bidding at a event with or without pre-bidding. It goes over setting up your Sections, Packages, Sponsors, Bidders, and managing your auction.

Recorded_Version_Button.png Go Time & Event Night

Learn how to Check-in and Check out guests, enter Sales, and set up & send Receipts with our Go Time In-Person Event Webinar. Covering laptop and tablet options, we will review best practices and tips & tricks for seasoned pros and first-time volunteers.



Golf Event Webinars: Swinging Success

As the golf season swings into action, it's time to elevate your fundraising game! Whether you're a seasoned event planner or new to the world of golf fundraising, this webinar is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of successful Golf Events with Greater Giving.

Join us as we delve into the core strategies, best practices, and insider tips for seamlessly TEEING UP and managing a Golf Event that exceeds expectations. From understanding the nuances of the three types of Golf Events to maximizing revenue opportunities, we'll cover it all.

Key Takeaways:
  • Gain insights into the three types of Golf Events and how to optimize revenue streams for each.
  • Discover the invaluable role a Golf Event can play in enhancing your yearly event schedule.
  • Explore the latest trends shaping Golf Events and real-life success stories from Greater Giving clients.

Year End Giving and Giving Campaigns 

We talk about best practices, Text to Donate, tools for building and customizing a great donation page, and a look at fantastic real donation pages built through Greater Giving. All of our tips are perfect for any giving campaign or year round giving page, not just Giving Tuesday. Additional Resources

Back to School Webinar

Join us to learn everything about planning an executing a successful school and education based event. We will cover topics such as planning timelines, best practices for setup, exciting package ideas and more!

All About Admissions

Allocating admissions - assigning admissions to in-person event attendees who are in your Greater Giving supporter database - ahead of event day is a key step to successfully executing table assignments, inviting guests to bid online (both ahead of and during the event), and keeping your check-in line moving quickly. In Greater Giving there are a few different methods and tools for maximizing the number of properly allocated admissions, as well as for obtaining important guest information such as contact details, meal choices, and pre-registered credit cards. We will explore all these methods and tools, including our RSVP feature, which allows you to create unique RSVP URLs for any admissions or sponsorship sale.

Adding Virtual Elements to In-Person Events
This recorded panel discussion about the ins and outs of adding virtual elements to your in-person events to create a successful hybrid fundraiser was one of the many fantastic sessions from Apex: Greater Giving User Conference 2022. This session was hosted by Tracey Lorts of Greater Giving and the featured speakers are fundraising and software experts Rachelle Agosti of Greater Giving, Beth Sandefur of Beth Sandefur Events, and Kelly Russell of Artisan Auctions.

Back in the Room: In-Person Event Best Practices
Featured presenter Siri Lippy, Senior Manager, Professional Event Services, has been with Greater Giving for nearly 20 years and has worked onsite at over 1,000 nonprofit fundraisers. In this webinar, we discuss event and software best practices, as well as effective, impactful fundraising trends that are emerging now that we're "back in the room."

Deep Dive into Data & Reports
In this webinar we talk about best practices, getting the most out of your data, and the best reports to use for your events and fundraising efforts. Gain a better understanding about how reports and searches work within the Greater Giving software - from the basics perfect for new users to advanced tips for super users. Additional Resources

Fund a Need: Mission Impact Donations
Give your donors the "Why." Fund a Need donations are the easiest ways to tell your audience why they are attending your event (In-person or Virtually) and the easiest way to raise funds for your organization. This webinar discusses best practices and the best ways to use Greater Giving's tools for a successful Fund a Need. Additional Resources

Join Me: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Learn how to get your Join Me Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Project up and running with this webinar! We cover how to enable Join Me for an existing Project or create a new Join Me Project, how to create your sign-up and directory pages, manage Join Me activities and contributions, and what the process looks like from the fundraiser's side. Additional Resources

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