Logging in with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a second level of security verification - so we know you are who you say you are. It keeps the wrong person from accessing your account and donor data. Greater Giving software users must complete MFA once every 24 hours via email. Note that changing devices, IP address, or browsers does not force you to re-verify your account if you are still within that 24 hour period.

See the Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ for more information about this security feature.

Logging in with MFA:

  1. Go to the Greater Giving Online login page or your Online Payments portal.
  2. If you have never logged in with MFA in Greater Giving before, log in with your normal username and password first. You will then be rerouted to the MFA login page. If you have previously logged into the Greater Giving software using MFA for your account you can click the link at the top to get to the new login page.
  3. Once you are on the MFA login page, enter the email address associated with your account and your password.
      • Note that password requirements have been strengthened. If your password is not strong enough when you login using MFA for the first time, you will need to change your password. Use the Forgot Your Password link if you receive an error message regarding your password.
      • The new password requirements are:
          • Must be at least 8-16 characters long.
          • Must include at least 3 out of the following 4 characteristics: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, or special characters.
          • Cannot be any of the last 4 passwords used.

  4. Once your email address and password are accepted, click the button to Send Verification Code.

  5. Retrieve the verification code from the email. For the Event Software the Subject Line will be "Greater Giving Online login verification code" and the Sender will be For Online Payments the Subject Line will be "Greater Giving Online Payments login verification code" and the Sender will be

  6. Enter the verification code into the login page and click Verify Code to finish logging in.

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