Receiving Emails from Greater Giving

In this day and age we communicate a lot of information via email. Greater Giving sends you information about your account and our software, you contact us with questions via email, and you send your supporters information about your fundraising efforts via email. These emails can be critical! The tips found below can help you troubleshoot the issue if you or your supporters are having trouble receiving emails sent by or through Greater Giving.

  1. Verify that the recipient email does not have any typos or other errors.
  2. Check your Spam or Junk folders.
  3. Add the sender to your safe sender list or whitelist.
  4. Make sure your email application doesn’t have a rule that is automatically deleting the emails, sorting them into another folder, or forwarding them.
  5. Make sure your firewall or email application does not block emails sent through SendGrid.

We also recommend that you subscribe to receive emails from our marketing team about product updates, new features, and new resources at

Below are the sender email addresses for the different types of emails sent through or by Greater Giving that you should add to your safe sender list if you're experiencing difficulties.

Emails sent by Greater Giving

Email Sent To Sender Address
Financial notifications like invoices, and statements of accounts. Authorized financial contacts
Account renewal notifications. Authorized financial contacts
Notifications regarding chargeback cases. Authorized financial contacts
Responses to emails sent to our support team and forms submitted through the Contact Us section of the Help Center. Original requester
Marketing emails including product updates, new features, and new resources. People who have subscribed for updates here
MFA verification codes for the Event Software Software user
MFA verification codes for Online Payments Software user


Emails sent through the Greater Giving software

Software Email Sender Address
Event Software Receipts sent by an admin as a batch or individually (General, Event, and Payment Receipts) and emails sent through the Letters & Emails tool.
Online Payments Automated receipts for standalone Online Payments pages or Project Websites.
Online Bidding and Join Me Initial email to verify the bidder’s or fundraiser’s email address when they are creating their own account.
Online Bidding Outbid notifications and emails sent through the Online Bidding Dashboard to bidders.
Event Software & Online Payments MFA (multi-factor authentication) email containing 6 digit verification code to login to the Event Software or Online Payments.

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