Virtual Online Only Events

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to get started with preparing for your virtual online only fundraising event using our recommended best practices.

Highly Recommended: Join our weekly Greater Giving 101 Webinar

One of our most popular webinars, Greater Giving 101 covers the basic functions and features of the software. This training is essential for users and admins alike as it covers everything you need to make your plans for a record-breaking campaign. Additional recommended trainings and resources are listed at the bottom of this page.


Pre Event

Step 1: Create your project in Greater Giving Online

Step 2: Prepare Online Bidding - select Online Bidding Settings

Step 3: Create Sponsorship Packages & Donation Packages

Step 4: Start to input Items as they come in

Step 5: Create Packages from Items

Step 6: Set up sections to sell online with open and close times

Step 7: Manually add offline sales and payments

Step 8: Embed your live stream or recorded video

Step 9: Send out the public bidding URL in an email to your supporters


During Event

Step 1: Online Bidding Dashboard

Step 2(a): How to retract bids

Step 2(b): Using the Bid Assistant

Step 2(c): Texting and emailing your bidders

Step 2(d): Giving Board Acknowledgment & adding offline donations to appeal


Post Event

Step 1: Add check payments

Step 2: Post event audit

Step 3: Manage charge batches (processing credit card transactions)

Step 4: Print or email receipts

Step 5: Turn off Welcome Messages

Step 6: Recommended reports to run

Step 7: Creating letters and emails

Step 8: Running a post event "fire sale" (optional)


Additional Recommended Resources

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