Preparing for an Online Auction

How do I make sure I am prepared for Online Bidding? What are my next steps for running a virtual event or an online auction? We answer these questions with a handy little checklist below. Read on for details.

First, determine your event type and how you will register bidders:

Online Bidding where guests require an admission to bid:
This event type assumes you want to have a specific list of people who are able to bid or make donations. You can add these virtual “admissions” yourself or they can be purchased on your Project Website.

  • See Self-Registration for how to enable automatic emails to guests with an admission. This requires a credit card, a valid email address, and a mobile number.
  • This method can be automated or monitored. See Manage Supporter Updates.

Online Bidding where anyone can bid on packages:
This event type assumes you are allowing anyone to bid or make donations. This involves sending out a public URL that anyone can sign up through. This requires a credit card, a valid email address, and a mobile number.

Second, prepare your Online Bidding site:

Third, message your Supporters:

You need to also message your Supporters about your event. There are 2 different methods of doing this.

  • If using Self-Registration (most or all guests will purchase an admission) then the email is automatically sent at the time you designate in your Online Bidding Settings.
  • If doing Public Access (anyone can bid or make a donation) then you will want to send out our Online Bidding: Public Invitation email from Letters & Emails.

Fourth, host your event:

As you host your event, you will want to be aware of communication with your Supporters, as well as some additional administrative tasks.

  • Text or Email your Bidders - Sending messages to your bidders can remind them of when a new section opens or closes, or as a call to action to make a donation. Be mindful of over-messaging. We typically recommend sending no more than 5 messages during the online auction. Keep in mind most bidders will also be receiving the automated outbid notifications as well.
  • Remove Bids - If a bidder makes a mistake while bidding, you can remove their bid. This will cause the next highest bidder to become in the lead.
  • Extend your Online Auction - For whatever reason, you may feel the need to extend your auction a bit longer. This should be done at least 15 minutes before the section closes.

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