Getting Started: Virtual Events

Virtual Events are becoming more popular as fundraising solutions with new technologies and new methods of outreach available. Below, we cover some of the basics of the Virtual Event, and have some resources you can access.

Check out our webinar and recorded video on Virtual Events/Online Auctions. We also have a checklist for a virtual event located on our Preparing for an Online Auction article.

Check out our newest Online Virtual Success Guide!

Use Online Bidding:
Online Bidding is an excellent resource that will allow you to still sell your procured or donated items, as well as give you access to online donations from your Supporters. Contact for more information on Online Bidding.

  • Public Access: Perfect for a virtual event. Self-Registration allows your guests to register on their own time and bid from home or on the go.
  • Dynamic Section Closing: Set an end date/time for your event, or leave them open for longer periods. You can even have multiple sections open at different times to build hype for items over a longer period of time.
  • Cash Donations: Online Cash Donation options are also available through Online Bidding for any Supporter that wishes to donate to your organization
  • Text and Email: Useful for staying in touch with your Supporters! Send texts and emails to those participating.

Use the Project Website:
The Project Website is a powerful tool when doing a virtual event. From being a repository of information, to accepting donations from Supporters, even live streaming your event!

  • Create the Project Website: A simple but necessary step is to create the Project Website first. This is required before you can continue with the following steps.
  • Cash Donations: Cash Donations can be accepted through your Project Website. Using a Registration Page is also an alternative method.
  • Live Stream with a Media Module: If you are live streaming your event, you can use a Media Module to embed that live stream on your Project Website! Note: Greater Giving makes no recommendations at this time about which platform is best for live streaming content.

Use Join Me (Optional):
Join Me is an optional tool can be used in conjunction with the other methods listed on this page. A Peer-to-Peer fundraising tool, Join Me allows your Supporters to fund raise on your behalf with social media sharing options, limited site customization, and a simple interface.

  • Getting Started: Join Me: A great starting point for Join Me, this article will direct you to the set up and management of your Join Me project.

Focus on the Goal:
One of the great things about Virtual Events is the ability to focus on the goal. Normal pieces of an event (such as Meals, Tables, Check In lines, etc.) are replaced with a larger focus on the packages you sell and the donations you receive.

  • Auction Package Details: Go over your auction packages and ensure you have added:
    • Images: Since they cannot see the package themselves, images can make or break a virtual auction package!
    • Description: Similar to images, a good description can improve a package in a virtual auction.
  • Donation Package(s): While Online Bidding allows for a single appeal package, you can also add regular donation packages to your Online Bidding sections. These can work like different appeal categories.

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