Testing your Card Readers

When you first receive your equipment from Greater Giving, a great idea is to test your card readers. We always check our card readers before shipping them out, but with travel, shipping, and different device specifications we always recommend testing the equipment at your venue to ensure a successful event! See below for some of our best practice tips on testing your card readers.

Testing USB Card Readers:
Compatibility for USB Card Readers. We also recommend testing the card readers at your venue for best results.
Requires an active internet connection and the USB card reader plugged into a USB port. Look for a green light and a beep to know it is working.

  1. Click Manage Project in the Main Menu and select Launch Go Time.
  2. Click the Checkin Attendee tile.
  3. Either select yourself using the drop down menu, or click Create New Supporter.
    • If Creating a New Supporter, you only need to add simple information such as a First and Last Name.
  4. Click Next to go past Step 2.
    • You may receive a warning about not actually checking anyone in. This is fine.
  5. On Step 3, click the Swipe Card button.
  6. Click inside the textbox, and swipe either the provided Greater Giving Test Card or your own credit card.

If successful, you should see the card type with the last 4 digits, the Attendee's name, and a green check mark under Active. Press the Red X on the right hand side to delete the card.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Check your internet connection. is a free tool for this.
  • Is your browser up to date? Try a different browser if the card fails (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and some versions of Edge).
  • Try a different computer. Sometimes an issue is located on a single device.


Testing Mobile Card Readers:
Compatibility for Mobile Card Readers. We also recommend testing the card readers at your venue for best results.
Requires the Greater Giving App be downloaded to your device and an active internet connection. Search your appropriate app store for "Greater Giving" (it's free!).
When Installing the App: You must allow the app to access the following:

  • iPad—Microphone
  • Android— Photos/Media/Files & Camera/Microphone

Launch the App, and ensure the card reader is plugged in and the volume is set to max/microphone not muted. Some devices will attempt to change the volume when the card reader is first plugged in.

  1. Log into the App using your Greater Giving credentials.
  2. Ensure you are logged into the correct Project. Click Change Project in the top right corner if you need to switch.
  3. Click the Test Card Reader tile.
  4. When prompted, swipe either the Greater Giving Test Card or your own Credit Card with the magnetic strip facing the Greater Giving logo on the card reader.

A green check mark will indicate the test was successful. You may also follow the steps under Testing USB Card Readers to Check-in a Supporter if you wish.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Ensure you are using an appropriate device from our Compatibility. We cannot guarantee support on devices not listed there.
  • Is the app up to date? If using an older version of the app you may run into complications.
  • Is the card reader fully plugged in? Does the device have a case on that’s preventing the reader from fully plugging in?

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