Creating RSVP Links

Creating an RSVP link will allow you to collect guest information for an admission or sponsorship sale directly from the guest. This benefits your organization as you can collect as much or as little information (determined by your RSVP Page) as you would like pre-event. See below for more information on creating the RSVP URL.

Important Notes:

  • Before sending an RSVP Link, you must have an RSVP Page set up on your Project Website. See Creating an RSVP Page.
  • RSVP Links can be generated for any sales that include admissions regardless of source. This means it can be used for manually added sales, imported sales, and Project Website sales.
  • RSVP Links can be accessed by anyone with the link, not just the purchaser.

Creating an RSVP Link:

  1. Click Manage Project in the Main Menu and select RSVP Dashboard.
  2. Using the search bar, search for the Supporter that is the purchaser for the desired Sale.
  3. Click the Sale Reference Number in order to edit the Sale.

  4. Click the Generate RSVP URL button to generate the URL.

  5. OPTIONAL - If you want to track your main point of contact for the RSVP within the company, scroll down within the sale and use the RSVP Contact field.

The URL will now appear on the RSVP Dashboard, and can be sent out using RSVP Letters & Emails or copied and sent to Supporters outside of Greater Giving. 

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