Adding a Donation Template to your Project Website

Donation pages are an excellent way to provide some additional revenue to your organization via online giving forms. They can be part of a capital campaign, a one time event like Giving Tuesday, or a Year End fundraiser. Greater Giving has provided two Donation Templates for your Project Website that you can use with any Project you wish and customize to fit your intended use.

Explore more sample Donation Pages and Project Websites built by Greater Giving here and download our Online Payments Page: Client Examples PDF to check out some fantastic donation sites designed by clients and discover new ideas you can implement on your own donation pages.

Important Notes:

Giving Tuesday

A template designed for Giving Tuesday, the images and text on this page  are unique to Giving Tuesday and allow a Supporter to make monetary and recurring donations to your organization.


Year End Giving

Similar to Giving Tuesday, this page is designed to be a little more generic, while still allowing Supporters to make monetary and recurring donations to your cause.


Adding a Donation Template:

  1. Click Manage Project in the Main Menu and select Manage Project Website.
  2. Scroll down to the Page Type drop down, click, and select either the Template: Year End Giving or Template: Giving Tuesday page.
  3. Click the Add Page button.
  4. You will be taken to the Edit Page Settings for the page you selected. Here you can edit the following:
    • Page Name: This starts as the template name, but can be changed to whatever you would like to call the page.
    • Page Visibility: This defaults to “Show on website and in navigation”, meaning your page is public and will have a link in the navigation bar.
    • Navigation Text: This defaults to the same as the template name, but you can switch to Custom Text to use your own.
    • Friendly URL: Check this box to add a shorter, easier, URL for this page.
  5. Click Save when you are finished, and your Donation Template will be added to your Project Website!

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