Year End Giving & Giving Campaigns Webinar

In the past, it was the case that year end giving for nonprofits was a nice "extra" to a successful year of raising funds for the cause. Fast forward to today, it is now a necessity and represents one of the highest points of giving in a year. In the Year End Giving Webinar we cover best practices and tips and tricks for building your donation page. We also take a look at several great examples of donation pages built using Greater Giving's software by clients, what makes them so successful and how you can replicate them on your own donation page. And finally we dive into the software for a demonstration of how to build your own donation page and customize it to fit your organization's mission.

Click here to download the webinar session handout and Online Payments Page: Client Examples PDF.

Check out the GivingTuesday Guide from Greater Giving for:

  • Suggested goals and steps to get started
  • Setting up a GivingTuesday plan
  • Creating Campaign Messaging
  • Setting up a #GivingTuesday or Year-End Giving Page
  • Tips to help you promote

We also recommend exploring the GivingTuesday tool kit and graphics provided by by clicking below. They offer a ton of resources plus downloadable logos and customizable social media graphics.             givingtuesday_canva.jpg

3 Keys Factors for Success: 
Setting up your year end giving campaign can be simple, but it starts with a plan. Below you will see 3 key factors for a successful year end giving campaign. In the webinar team member David speaks more to each of these three parts.

  • Start Now - It's never too early or too late to build a donation page - there is no better time to begin year end giving than right now.  It is really easy with our Year End Giving and Giving Tuesday templates for your Project Website. Being dedicated and strategic in your plan will ensure the best results.
  • Make it Easy - Make your Year End Giving page as easily accessible as possible.  Make sure your donation option is front and center on the page. Add suggested donation amounts and the ability for donors to set up recurring donations.
  • Promote, Promote, Promote - Make sure to share the page EVERYWHERE! Email, website, text campaigns, etc.  Set up Text to Donate for the page as another avenue for donors to makes a donation. All Year End Giving communications should include a call to action along with a large link/button to click to donate. Continue communicating with donors about your campaign through December 31st and beyond! Shift the conversation from "help us reach our goal" to "thank you for helping us reach our goal" and continue to provide links to your donation pages so they can continue supporting your mission.

7 Great Ideas to Boost Year End Giving:

  1. Get your Board Involved - From the Resource Library, read Get Your Board on Board with Fundraising.
  2. Take advantage of Giving Tuesday  - From "What is Giving Tuesday", to examples of what other nonprofits are doing, Greater Giving's website has lots of great videos and ideas about Giving Tuesday.
  3. Send an email to donors in the last 72 hours of the year - Learn more about great emails that are high impact by reading about "Writing for Nonprofits" on our Resource Library.
  4. Customize Confirmation Receipts for social sharing - add a personal note in your confirmation receipt that promotes getting the word out e.g. "I just gave to XYZ Foundation and you can to. Go to to make a donation."
  5. Make it personal - Showcase the date, year and progress you are making. Post to social media how much you have raised and how far you have to go towards your goal. Donors like to see their donations are making an impact.
  6. Year End Online Auction - view our Online Bidding Webinar.
  7. Virtual Food Drive - Create packages for each donation option, need, or fund with a set price and publish those on your donation page alongside an open-ended donation option.




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