Requesting and Managing Equipment

You can request and manage your Card Reader order with Greater Giving through this screen. Managing your order includes changing the number of card reading devices you have requested, changing the delivery contact/address, and checking the delivery date and tracking numbers (when they become available), as well as printing additional return labels if necessary. Note that you must have the Organization Admin permission in order to request and update equipment orders.

Important Notes:

Your equipment will be delivered 4 business days before your event date, which is the Project End Date in General & Accounting Settings. If you have a multi-day event, put the first day of your event as the Project End Date to ensure your card readers are delivered on time. See Project Settings for where to update your event date

If your event is less than 30 days away you must contact our support team to place or update an equipment order. Call (866) 269-8151 or click Support Chat at the top of this page.


This screen is available by:

  • Creating a New Project, and selecting Request Equipment during the Project Builder.
  • Clicking Manage Project in the Main Menu, and select Manage Equipment Details.

Types of Card Readers:

USB Card Reader
Mobile Card Reader



Greater Giving has USB-C adapters available upon request. Use the Special Instructions box to request adapters or contact our support team to request that they be included with your order. Other USB-C adapters are not compatible.

Outside 30 Days of Event Date: 


  • Delivery Contact - You can update your Delivery Contact here. This is used in case the driver needs to contact you.
  • Delivery Address - You can update the Delivery Address here. This is where your equipment will be sent prior to your event. These fields are limited to 34 characters in order to print correctly on UPS shipping labels. Note: At this time we cannot deliver to PO Boxes.
  • Special Instructions - This field will denote any Special Instructions you may have for us (e.g. “Please ring doorbell.”) If you would like to order USB-C adapters for either type of card reader, please add the request to the Special Instructions field.
  • Quantity - You can adjust the number of laptop or tablet card readers here. Click the drop down menu to select the amount you are requesting


Within 30 Days of Event Date:

  • Shipping - As your event date nears, you can check the Delivery Date and any applicable tracking number(s).
  • If it is within 30 days of your event, you will not be able to make changes to your card reader order using this screen. Please contact the Client Services team at or by phone at 866.269.8151, option 1 and we will attempt to accommodate your request.

After the Event Date:

  • Return Shipping Label - If you have lost or misplaced your label, you can request one at the bottom of the screen using the Shipping Return Label option. This will create a return label per tracking number you have, and can be printed for your convenience.

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