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The team at Greater Giving is excited to share the news about the New User Interface of Greater Giving Event Software.  The redesigned look means you are accessing the same data you have in the past only now with a more modern interface. Below you will see how to get started using the New User Interface as well as our top five new enhancements. Looking for more detail? View the video below. 

Recorded Summer 2019 "What's New" Webinar 8/13/19 (Length 45mins)


How can I get started in the new interface? The login and password you have used in the past remains the same. You will be accessing the same records and data as you have in the past.  Login to the New User Interface by going to

How did this impact the data?  When users login they will see the same records as before. The New User Interface and Greater Giving Classic access the same common database. This means when you login everything will pick up where you left off. 


Top 5 Enhancements:

-Left Menu Navigation

-Streamlined Homepage 

-Report Descriptions

-Forms and Grid Enhancements

-Project Builder

*Bonus: Enhanced Searches


  • Left Menu Navigation: The updated look and feel is lead by the new Main Menu navigation (left side). The blue bar operates as nested menu giving you access any topic you choose. When you click on any one of the subjects you will see it expand below with additional options. Note the icons that show when you have data ready to import. This alerts the user to not only the status, but how many records are pending. 


  • Streamlined Home Page: Visual graphs/summaries show on the new home page, updating with real data from your Project. You can refresh these graphs on demand by clicking the “Refresh” button on the bottom right. 


  • Report Descriptions: Next to each report users can now see a breakdown of what is covered in that report. Greater Giving offers hundreds of reports so you can access the data and analytics most important to their team. 


  • Form and Grid Enhancements: Items, Package and Supporters -  all the same fields users may have used in the past are still available, the key difference is the layout has been updated so relevant topics are prioritized towards the top. Fields not used as commonly are now at the bottom. There are a number of new action buttons on the Grid page now available. These action buttons have been reduced in size, in order to streamline what you see on screen without cluttering your view.




  • Project Builder: Creating your new Project has been streamlined in our new Project Builder. When you create your Project, you can order credit card reading equipment, indicate your event night contact, and more. As your event date draws near, you can even track your credit card reader delivery and request return shipping labels.


  • *Bonus: Enhanced Searches: Search just got even “search-ier”. In the search bar of Greater Giving you can now enter multiple names separated by a comma. After clicking Search, you will now see multiple records that apply. For example; at a golf event you might use “Golf, Fore, Tee, Mulligan” as an Enhanced Search. At a gala, you might use “Wine,Tour,Tasting,Magnum,Pino,glass” to bring up any Package with one of those options in the Package Name. Note you can do an enhanced search with or with out spaces and get the same result.



What’s Next

Greater Giving Classic was available until 8/19/2019. However all Greater Giving users now access the new user interface via the same page

New Training Videos and Webinars have been posted - these will show the new interface

The super-popular Help Center was totally rebuilt with over 450 new articles and videos all showcasing the enhancements. 

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