Edit Item & Package Sections

Item & Package Sections are most important for Online Bidding events, but are used by all events to track where Items & Packages will be sold. Typically used for Silent versus Live auction Packages, a Section can be used to determine where in your event it will be sold, or coding which part of your event raised money. Read below for more information on Item & Package Sections.

Note: Online Bidding also makes use of Item & Package Sections. See Online Bidding: Configuring Package Sections for specific information related to Online Bidding.

View Item & Package Sections:

  1. Click Project Settings in the Main Menu, and select View Item & Package Settings.
  2. Click the Item & Package Sections tab.
  3. You have a couple of options here:
    • Add - Click the Add button to add a new Section.
    • Delete - Check the box to the left and click the Delete button to remove a Section.
    • Edit - Click the Section Name to bring up the Edit Screen. See below.

Edit Item & Package Sections:

For the actual Editing, you have a variety of options.


  • Section: This is the name of the Section. Appears on some reports (such as Bid Sheets or Package Placards).
  • First/Last Package Number: If you want the system to auto-assign Package Numbers based off section, enter the first and last Package Number here. When a Package is placed into this section, it will automatically begin numbering at the next available number in the range.
    • You can use the smaller second box to denote a letter.
  • Section Type: These determines if the Section will be Live, Silent, or Other. This is primarily used in  certain Summary reports.


  • Online Bidding Type: Only available if you have Online Bidding, this Type determines the following:
    • Blank - Packages in this Section will not be visible on Online Bidding.
    • Sell Online - Packages in this Section will be visible and can be bid on in Online Bidding.
    • Preview Online, Sell at Event - Packages in this Section will be visible, but cannot be purchased or bid on in Online Bidding.
  • Times Relative To: This menu selects the Time Zone for this Section, it should default to your Project Timezone.
  • Bidding Open/Close Time: These two fields are used primarily for Online Bidding to determine when your Section is open or closed for bidding. If you do not have Online Bidding, they are used for informational purposes only.


  • Accounting Type: This option is primarily for Using a Sponsor Dashboard, however can also be used to denote where certain funds should go.
  • Convenience Fee Rate: This area can add an automatic convenience fee to Packages in this Section.
    • Tip: We do NOT recommend adding a convenience fee here for Packages sold on the Website. See Add Convenience Fee for Project Websites.
  • Item Procurement Goal: The number of Items you hope to procure for this Section. Used in reports.
  • Item Value Procurement Goal: The total Value you hope to procure for this Section. Used in reports.
  • Notes: Any internal notes you have about this Section. These will not be visible to Supporters.


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