How to Bid With Online Bidding


Register your Mobile Number at Checkin:

  • You will receive a text message, click the link provided. 

Browse Packages using the menu:

  • Use the ≡ to open the menu for Bids, Favorites, and Categories.
    • Favorites - Use the star ☆ to save Packages for later viewing.
    • Bids - See Packages that you have bid on already.
    • Act Now - Sort Packages quickly by No Bids, Currently Open, and more.
  • Use the magnifying glass 🔍or scroll down to search for Packages.

Tap a Package to place a type of bid:

  • Bid - Place a single bid at the next increment.
  • Bid More - Place a Max Bid. The system will bid in your favor until you are outbid or the auction closes.
  • Buy Now - Purchase the Package!



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