Cheat Sheets, Guides and PDFs

Below is a list of all downloadable guides, cheat sheets, and PDF's that we have available for use. These guides are updated periodically, and are highly recommended as training materials, or prepping for your event. 

Greater Giving Online - Includes information on Data Exchange, Event Chair Transfer Guide, and Reporting Guides.

Project Website - Includes a guide to Advanced Project Website Customizations and sample sites.

Go Time for In-Person Events - Includes Event Night FAQs, Volunteer Cheat Sheets, and Go Time Start Guides.

Online Bidding for Hybrid Events - Includes Start Guides, What to Expect as a Bidder, and Pre-Event Connectivity Assessments.

Online Bidding for Virtual Events - Includes recommendations and guides for doing virtual events using Greater Giving.

Greater Giving Online:


Online Bidding for Virtual Events:


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