Terminal Quick Reference

As standalone devices, Auctionpay Terminals are a simple, secure way to process credit card payments at your events. These devices require no active internet connection the night of the event and can be either individual or networked together. Below, you will find an overview of using the terminals as well as our available reference guides. 

Terminal User Start Guide

This guide will also be sent in hardcopy format when you receive the equipment from us. This is an essential guide to have on hand when setting up your equipment and the night of your event, as it covers everything from our PCI compliance, setting up your Terminals, swiping credit cards, and batching charges to the bank. Because of all this information, we have also included a Table of Contents to quickly find what you are working on.

Terminal Cheat Sheet

The Event Night Quick Reference Guide is much like the Quick Start Guide; however, it is more of a reminder document.  Rather than break down each process in detail, the Event Night Quick Reference Guide has a few bullet points on each bolded topic, designed to supplement and provide hints/reminders to the next steps you should be taking.

Auction Planner:

The Auction Planner is a fantastic tool for planning your event using Greater Giving. This 12-month checklist has valuable insights from real events, tips, and tricks for every aspect of your event, and it’s all in an easy to follow planner! Download this guide to ensure that your entire event planning process goes smoothly.

Terminal Retail User Start Guide

Retail Terminals are available for when you need simple Point of Sale credit card transactions. Because these standalone devices function differently from the normal, Expresspay Terminal, this guide can be used much like the Event Night Quick Reference Guide, except it’s intended for events where Retail Terminals are used.

Terminal Power Requirements:

While Greater Giving provides the Terminals, we currently do not provide additional power cables beyond exactly what is required of the terminals. If you will be using additional power cables (such as extension cords or power strips) use this quick guide to determine what sort of requirements you may need to be aware of.

Return Shipping Information:

After your event when all charges have been settled and the terminals have been cleared, it’s time to return the equipment. Greater Giving provides you with instructions and a return shipping label with your Terminals, however, we also provide shipping instructions using this document.


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