Auctionpay FAQ

What is the difference between Card Readers and Mobile Card Readers?

The Auctionpay Card Readers are a USB device that plugs into a laptop or desktop computer. Similarly, the Mobile Card Readers integrate into a tablet through the audio jack and requires the Greater Giving app.

Can I use both types of Card Readers at my event?

Yes, the USB Card Readers work with Greater Giving Online through a USB port on your laptop. The Mobile Card Readers use the Greater Giving app to access your Greater Giving Online account and can be used in conjunction with the USB Card Readers.

How many Card Readers can I get?

We base the number of Card Readers on the number of attendees you are expecting to use the devices. As a general rule of thumb, Greater Giving recommends one device per 100 guests. At a minimum, Greater Giving will supply you with two devices for your event, regardless of guest count.

Do I rent the Card Readers or do I own them?

Greater Giving clients do not purchase the Card Readers. We work with you well in advance of your event to reserve the appropriate amount of devices and training material, and ship them to arrive prior to your event, in order to train your volunteers and staff before event night. You ship those devices and materials back to us within four business days of your event.

What training is provided?

While Greater Giving hosts a number of online webinars and recorded training videos, we also provide you with a training video as well as paper documentation that show you how to set up and run the devices at your event. Of course, our Support staff is also ready to assist you.

What happens if my guests don’t pre-register their card?

If a guest chooses to not pre-register their card, you can still accept a payment from their credit card after the event.

Do I need to set up a Merchant Account?

Once you are signed up for the Auctionpay service, Greater Giving will create a Merchant Account for you.

What if the power goes out during the event?

In the event of a power loss, if the PC’s you are using with the Card Readers have stored battery power, your data is retained and saved.

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