Online Payments: Pages Grid

This is the most common way of viewing your pages. Here you can add, view, edit, copy, publish and unpublish your various pages. All of this is done by using the check box to the left to select which page you want to alter, and using the buttons above to determine what action to take. This is an overview of the available actions.

Add New Page:

This option allows you to create a new page. It is not tied to any Project if you are using our Event Software Online.

View Page:

This option allows you to view the page as if you were an outside visitor. This option is EXACTLY what a Supporter sees when they access your page.

Edit Page:

This takes you into the Edit Mode of the webpage. Using this option can quickly get you to a page that needs to be edited and lets you immediately start changing things.

Copy Page:

This option allows you to copy a page, including all of its modules. This is useful if you have a yearly fundraiser and would like to maintain a certain style from year to year.

Publish and Unpublish Page:

These options allow you to make your page visible to the public or hidden from the public respectively. These are critical, because if your page is marked as unpublished, you will still be able to see it but your Supporters will not. Before distributing a link to your site, make sure it is marked as published!

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