Online Payments Tools: Site Settings

Site Settings, also called Site Defaults, is what Online Payments defaults to in terms of Contact Information both displayed on your Pages and in transaction receipts. While we will set up your Site Settings initially, we recommend checking this area periodically to ensure everything is up to date.

To Access Site Settings:

  1. Hover over the word Manage in the toolbar at the top.
  2. Select Tools from the drop down menu.
  3. Click Access under the Site Settings header.
  4. Either click the header title or the to expand the area you wish to edit.

Within the Site Settings you can change a number of default fields that will populate automatically on your Pages, unless customized within the Page themselves.

Default Footer Settings:

This area determines the default footer for each page. You have checkboxes for each area that you wish to appear, and once the box is checked additional options (typically text entry boxes) will appear. You have the option to set up:

  • Copyright section - If necessary, copyright your page.
  • About Us section - An area designed to show off your organization, declare your mission statement, or explain the event.
  • Contact Us section - Put in your event director, or who a donor should seek assistance from.
  • Follow us section - Enter your social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) for your Supporters to follow.

Recurring Email Settings:

This area determines the contact information for who receives copies of the recurring donations (if they have been set up). The following is able to be edited:

  • Full Contact Name - This is the primary name for the receipt.
  • Contact Phone - The number that will be displayed.
  • Contact Email - The email that will be displayed, as well as the primary CC for the receipt.
  • BCC Email Addresses - A semicolon separated list (no spaces) of other emails besides the contact email you would like to receive a copy of the receipt.


Email Settings:

The most common area that is edited. This section determines the default transaction receipt that is pre-generated on each Page that you create. In addition to the information included in the Recurring Email Receipt Settings, you can also edit:

  • Email Subject - The subject of the transaction email. Defaults to a receipt number if nothing is entered.
  • Header Text - An area of text just above the main body (transaction details) of the receipt.
  • Footer Text - An area of text just below the main body (transaction details) of the receipt.

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