Online Payments: Changing a Recurring Donation

After a recurring donation has been created, you can alter certain information about that donation in our records. This can be useful if the donor would like to update portions of their donation without creating a new one. Please see below for what can be changed, and how to initiate that change!

Note: If a donor needs to change the card number, name, or email associated with the donation, we recommend cancelling that donation instead. They can then enter a new donation on your website with the correct information.

Information that can be changed:

  • Cancel Status
  • Frequency – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-yearly, Yearly
  • End Date
  • Donation Amount

In order to update any of the above information, please use our Recurring Donation Update form or send a note to with the following.

Organization Name:
Customer ID (optional):
Donor Full Name:
Donation Amount:

Plus any necessary changes such as: Frequency, Cancel, New End Date, etc.

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