Online Payments: Change the Background Image

You can upload a custom background image to your webpage. This image will appear behind all of your content, and we typically recommend either a large image, or something that will tile nicely.

Note: This is an Advanced Editing option. If using Greater Giving Online, be aware of Advanced Edits on the Project Website.

  1. While viewing the page you wish to change the Design on, click Edit Page in the top right corner.
  2. Hover over Page Settings in the Online Payments Toolbar, and select Design.
  3. Scroll down, and click the Change Fonts and Colors drop down. Select Edit Page Style.
  4. Click the <Setting> dropdown menu and select Backgrounds – PageBackgroundImage.
  5. An Image Uploader will appear.
    • If the image has already been uploaded, select the Folder and File that is appropriate.
    • If the image has not been uploaded, click Upload File to open an image upload wizard.
    • Note: Greater Giving recommends either a large (over 2000px) image, or a smaller (300px) image that looks good tiled.
  6. Click Update to save your new Page Background!

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