Online Payments: Redirect an Unpublished Page

If you need to unpublish a page, but still wish for your guests to access it, there is an option to redirect the closed page to another URL or page on your site. This is a great option for when Supporters may still have the link to a previously shut down page, but you don’t want them to see an error when they try and access it. Below, we cover the steps necessary to redirect a page.

Some Notes about Redirecting a Page:

  • You must be listed as an Organization Admin to redirect a Page.
  • We only recommend redirecting unpublished pages. If you need to undo a redirect, please contact
  • This is an Advanced Editing option. If using Greater Giving Online, please read and be aware of Advanced Edits on the Project Website.

To Redirect a Page:

  1. While viewing the page you wish to redirect, click Edit Page in the top right corner.
  2. Hover over Page Settings in the Online Payments Toolbar, and select Design from the drop down.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom, and click the Other Settings header to expand it.
  4. Choose your Link Type, this is the method of redirect the page will use.
    • None - No redirect. This is the default option.
    • URL - When this is selected, you can enter a URL you wish your page redirected to.
    • Page - When this is selected, a drop down menu appears that allows you to select a Page from your site. This includes any standalone or event pages.
      • Note: Click My Pages to see standalone pages, or My Events to see your Project Website pages. You can then use the arrow icon on the left hand side to access subpages for that event.
    • File - When this option is selected, you can instead have the page download a document automatically instead of redirecting
  5. Click Update Page in the bottom left corner to save your redirect!

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