Creating a Project Website

Creating a Project Website is the first step required to begin collecting ticket sales, Item donations, and cash donations from your Supporters. Once you have created the website, you can begin setting up the default Project Website Settings, and then eventually adding in new Pages!

Note: This article is only for the setup of a Project Website. We do recommend our Project Website Webinar, as well as the various articles below.

Create the Website:

  1. Click Manage Project in the Main Menu, and select Manage Project Website
  2. Click Create Website.


Project Website Tools:

You will be taken to the Manage Project Website screen. This page contains all the major aspects needed to fully build out your Project Website. On this page you will find:

  • Your Website is Published At – This is the full URL for your Landing Page. While we cannot remove this link, we can set up Friendly URLs for any page in order to make shorter URL’s!
  • Edit General Settings – This Edit button will take you into the default General Settings for your website, including but not limited to:
    • The Banner, Background, and Navigation Images.
    • The Website Colors.
    • About Us and Contact Us information.
    • Settings for Displaying Sponsors.
    • The Receipt Settings for transactions on the Website.
    • The option to permanently delete the Website.
  • Page Type – This drop down menu is what you will use to add additional Pages. The most common Pages you will be adding are:
  • Edit Page Navigation - This tool allows you to control the order in which your Project Website Pages appear in the Navigation Menu. Drag and drop the pages into the order you want them to appear.  You can also use this to nest pages to create dropdown menus in your Navigation by dragging and dropping the pages into one another as if you were dropping them into a folder.
  • Edit Page Settings – This button will appear next to each Page that you have added to your website. We use this button to make changes to our Pages.


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