Go Time Check-out

The checkout process of Go Time is intended for one purpose, although it has a lot of capabilities. Checkout’s main purpose is letting your Supporters know what sales they have added onto their record, and if they want to add any additional payments on their record. Additional capabilities include adding sales, adding payments, and printing or emailing a receipt to the Supporter. We will cover the basics of Checkout below.

Note: If using the Go Time App for Android or iOS, ensure you have updated to the most current version.


  1. Click Manage Project in the Main Menu, and select Launch Go Time.
  2. Click the Checkout Attendee button on the dashboard.
  3. Use the Search bar to bring up the attendee you wish to Checkout (either type in name or bid number).
  4. Check Sales using the Sales grid. Add a sale if necessary.
    • You can use the Round Up button to add a last minute cash donation for a Supporter. See Go Time Round Up for more information.
  5. Check if a card was pre-swiped. Add a card if necessary.
  6. Check payments on record. Add a payment if necessary.

    • Note: if charging to a credit card on file, it is NOT necessary to create a payment. Our Manage Charge Batch feature will create a payment record.
  7. Print or email a receipt at the Supporter’s discretion.
    • Ensure the Supporter email address is correct, or add one in if necessary.
      • Check the Update Email box to update the Supporter's Email Address.
    • If Printing, click View/Print Receipt to generate the Supporter receipt.
  8. Click Done to complete the Checkout process!



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