Reconciling Statements


Whether you are using Greater Giving Online or just our Online Payments product, reconciling your statements is only a report away! The majority of our reconciliation reports are done by filtering by a date range present on your statements, and from there choosing to export using our PAY-01 report or similar excel spreadsheet. For details, see our walk-through below.

Elements of a Statement:


  • A: Statement Type - This is what product the Statement Refers to, and changes how you reconcile the deposit.
  • B: Approved Deposits - The total of approved transactions. The charges in your software/reporting should match to this number.
  • C: Fees & Credits - These are the fees deducted from your Approved Deposits. Note: These are sample Fees. Your actual fees are dependent on your Agreement with Greater Giving.
  • D: Statement Date Range - These are the dates of transactions the Statement covers.

Greater Giving Online (EPINV):

  1. Click Sales & Payments in the Main Menu, and select View Payments.
  2. Click the Advanced Search link.
  3. Using the Payment Type menu, select “Auctionpay Swipe”.
  4. Enter the same date range that is in the Payment Date Range (bottom left corner) of your statement and click the Search button.


  1. Select all payment lines that appear in the list.
    • Use the Select All box in the toolbar to select all Payments on the page.
  2. Above the grid, you can use the Reports & Exports button to export the data to Excel, PDF, or CSV. The most common reports are PAY-01 and PAY-10.

Online Payments (OPINV):

If you only use Online Payments, you can access the Online Payments site directly using the link provided to you by Greater Giving, and skip to Step 4. If you are using Greater Giving Online in conjunction with Online Payments, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Manage Project in the Main Menu, and select Manage Project Website.
  2. Click the Page Name for any Page, and select the Edit Page on Website option.
  3. Click Edit in Page in the popup window.
  4. Hover over Manage in the toolbar and select Reports from the drop down.
  5. Enter the same date range that is in the Payment Date Range (bottom left corner) of your statement.
  6. Click the Basic Report link.
  7. Use the round export buttons to export data in Excel, CSV, PDF, TXT, or HTML to print.


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