Join Me: Viewing your Fundraising Progress and Thanking Contributors

An important part of managing a peer-to-peer fundraising is tracking your progress, and subsequently thanking those that have supported you. We have made this a simple process, and with a few clicks you can thank everyone that has donated to your page. This can be done by going to View your fundraising progress, and clicking the box for Send Thank You. We will cover these steps in detail below.

  1. In Join Me, click View your fundraising progress.
  2. Here you can view your list of contributors as well as their amounts, and any comments they may have left.
  3. Click Send Thank You on the right most column.
  4. You will be taken to the email form. If the contributor already has an email address, this will be populated for you.
  5. The Subject will also be pre-populated for you. Feel free to change this.
  6. The actual body of the message will be a pre-generated message. Feel free to change this to reflect you personally.
  7. Click Send when you are satisfied with the body of your email.
  8. You will be taken back to Viewing your fundraising progress, and the contributor should have a green checkmark under the Thanked column denoting they have been thanked.

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