What is Auctionpay?

Auctionpay is a high level term that refers to any of our credit card swiping hardware. Here at Greater Giving we believe the most important aspect of any fundraising event is the fundraisers themselves. Your Supporters make your event happen, so why not give them the best experience possible? That is Auctionpay. Hardware designed to quickly and easily capture guest’s credit card information so that they can enjoy your event, free from the long lines and checkout process. Greater Giving provides two different Auctionpay solutions, each designed to serve your organization in the best way possible.

Auctionpay USB Card Readers:

These card readers are simple magnetic strips attached to a mousepad. They encrypt the credit card data when it is swiped and transfer it immediately to a PC or laptop. They come with a USB hook-up so that they can be used in any laptop or desktop with a USB port. These devices integrate flawlessly with our online Go Time for the best experience with checking guests in and out.

Auctionpay Mobile Card Readers:

Our latest in card reading equipment is our Mobile Card Reader. Plug into an iPad and use our online Go Time as an app, and you are on the move! Perfect for stations located around your event, or when mobility is key. These extremely simple devices plug into a tablet’s audio jack, and once you load up our Go Time app work just like our normal Card Readers!


See information about Device Compatibility for our Card readers.

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