Online Payments: Add New Page

Adding a new Page is the first step in taking online donations from your Supporters! The easiest way to create a new page is to go from the Pages grid and select Add New Page. From there, fill out the available fields and your page will be created. Below you can find a step by step walk through.

To Access Your Pages:

  1. Log in to your unique Online Payments URL with the username and password provided to you after signup.
  2. Select Manage Pages (alternatively, select Pages from the toolbar).

To Add a New Page:

See our most common Page Template types for more Information on each: DonationRegistration, Membership, Sponsorship, and Tuition.

  1. Select the Add New Page.
  2. Fill in the Page Name, Page Title, and if applicable Page Description fields.
  3. If applicable, chose where to insert the page.
  4. Choose a Template to base your Page around.
  5. If applicable, copy settings from other Pages using the Copy tab.
  6. If applicable, update footer settings using the Footer Tab.
  7. If applicable, add a friendly URL and change the layout as well as colors and fonts through the Design Tab.
  8. Click Add Page to create this page and make it available for further edits and viewing.

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