Online Payments: Donation Pages

A donation page can serve many purposes, although most commonly it is used to accept year round donations and to set up recurring donations from your Supporters. While most other template types can also accept donations, often a unique donation page is a better option to reduce clutter on your other pages.

Adding a Donation Page:

  1. Log in to your unique Online Payments URL with the username and password provided to you after signup.
  2. Click Manage Pages (alternatively, select Pages from the toolbar).
  3. Click Add Page.
  4. Enter the Page Name and Page Title. Greater Giving recommends these be the same.
  5. Using the Page Location tool, determine where you want the page to appear on your list.
    • Make sure to use the button to select Before, After, or At the End
  6. Select one of the many Donation templates. These templates all have the same information defaulted in them, however each template has certain design features or module placement that makes it unique.
  7. Fill out any more applicable information under the Design and Footer tabs.
  8. Click Add Page to create your Donation Page.
  9. You will be taken to your newly created Donation Page. Hover over the pencil icon to Click Here to Edit Content, and begin customizing your Donation module.
When creating this page, you can of course follow our recommendations on Modules and Frequently Asked Questions on Common Edits. Some of these include Custom Questions, Allow Zero Dollar Transactions, Custom Descriptions, and Confirmations. 

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