Online Payments: Donation Modules

A Donation module adds a form to your webpage for the purposes of collecting donations from your Supporters. You can configure this module to collect single donations, recurring donations, in-memory-of donations, and more. Below, we will cover the Donation Module and its specifics.

Basic Features:

  • The Form Title appears above the Donation form, and shows up in your Reports.
  • A custom text intro will allow you to specify text that appears above your donation. This is typically used to explain the purpose of the donation, although is by no means required.
  • Make sure Collect Donations is checked; otherwise you won’t be able to process donations on this page.
    • Note also the recurring donations box. Checking this allows you to accept donations on a recurring basis.
  • Process transactions in test mode allows you to test the form before making it live. Charges will not be sent to the bank, but you will be able to complete the whole form from start to finish experiencing what your supporters will.

Advanced Features:

  • You can select which phone numbers you want to gather from the donor.
  • Collecting all info on one page streamlines the info collection to one long form, as opposed to multiple short forms.
  • Zero Dollar Transactions means supporters do not have to have a dollar amount entered to progress forward on the form. This is useful for data collection from your Supporters.
  • A Convenience fee will apply either a flat rate or percentage based dollar amount to each transaction. This can be optional or mandatory for your donors.
  • Add additional customized questions for organization specific information you want to gather, or survey type questions.


  • Confirmation defaults are controlled via your Site Settings. Switch to Copy or Customize to change them for this page only.
  • Email copies of all transaction receipts allows you to have more than one person receiving copies of transaction emails. Useful if you have multiple people working with the software.
  • Note the data tags on the right. These are useful for populating information in your receipts.

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