Online Payments: Add Custom Description to Tickets

A custom description of your Registration, Membership, Sponsorship, or Tuition category can provide needed information about that category to your guests. The custom description can break down exactly what each category receives, and is helpful for informing your supporters about the purchase they are going to make.

Note: This is an Advanced Editing option. If using Greater Giving Online, be aware of Advanced Edits on the Project Website.

  1. In Edit mode, hover over the pencil for the content pane and Click Here to Edit Content.
  2. Click the Categories tab (Registration, Membership, Tuition, Sponsorship).
  3. Scroll down to the category you wish to add the description to, and click on the Advanced Options plus symbol.
  4. Make a check mark next to I would like to provide a short custom description of this category.
  5. A text editor will open up, allowing you all the normal text options such as font size and style, justification, hyperlinks, even images!
  6. Click Update to save your descriptions!

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