Online Payments: Documents Module

A Documents module is a useful tool if you want to have multiple documents available for download by visitors to your site.  These documents can be loaded into the software, or can be hosted on a different site and linked to. Below, we will cover the Documents module and the available settings it has.

Adding a Documents Module:

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to add the module to. Ensure you are in Edit mode by clicking Edit Page in the top right corner (if it says View Page, you are in Edit Mode).
  2. Hover over Page Settings, and from the drop down menu select Add a New Module.
  3. Select the module from the list, and either drag and drop it to where you want it, or use the arrows in the right hand corner of the module to determine where it will be placed.

Using the Documents Module:

  1. In the Documents pane, hover over the Pencil icon associated with the module to configure it further.
  2. Add a Title, Description, and a Category if you wish.
  3. Set the Owner of the document.
  4. Select a Link Type. The available options include File and External URL.
    • If File is selected, specify the file location (typically Files/) and either choose a current file or click Upload New File. You can also choose to Track Number of Times this Link is Clicked, Log the User, Date, and Time for Every Link Clicked, and Open Link in New Browser Window.
    • If URL is selected, specify the URL in the text box provided. You can also choose to Track Number of Times this Link is Clicked, Log the User, Date, and Time for Every Link Clicked, and Open Link in New Browser Window.
  5.  Type in the Sort Index, or leave it blank. It is completely optional.
  6. Make a check if you wish to Force Download. This will automatically download the file when a user of your page clicks on the link.
  7. Click Update to see your document on your page.

Configuring the Documents Module:

The Documents module differs from other Greater Giving modules, primarily because it has an additional tab under the Settings icon. This tab is titled Documents Module Settings and controls the categorization and display of your module.

  1. In the Documents pane, click the Settings button and select Settings from the drop down menu.
  2. Click the Document Module Settings tab.
  3. Check if you want to Use Categories List. This controls whether to allow free-text entry of the document category or to use the 'Document Categories' list defined in the host lists page.
  4. You can set a Default Folder to search for categories (again, typically Greater Giving recommends Files/).
  5. Determine if you want to Show Title Link (this is checked by default).
  6. Determine what columns you wish to display. Unchecking the box for Visible will hide the column, and using the arrows on the right will move them up or down on the list.
  7. Change the sorting if you desire by using the Sort Index drop down menu. This determines how the documents will be sorted on your page
  8. Allow Users to Sort lets users of your page sort documents at their own discretion by clicking on column headers. Having it unchecked will make the sorting static.

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