Copying Items from a Previous Project

Sometimes, your organization will have repeated Items. Or, if you had Items from a previous event that did not sell and would like to attempt to resell them you can always copy them into your newest Project from a previous one. This is done by viewing your Items, clicking More in the toolbar, and selecting Copy items from Other Projects. You can find a step by step walk through below for this entire process.

  1. Click Items & Packages in the Main Menu, and select View Items.
  2. Click the More option in the toolbar.
  3. Select Copy Items from Other Projects.
  4. Choose the Project from the drop down list. This is the Project to copy items from. Click Next.
  5. Select any additional Options. By default, the Item's name, value, cost, tax rate, description, restrictions, and notes will be copied.
    • Try to retain Item numbers (a new number will be assigned if the current number is in use).
    • Also copy Item's type, location, section, value type, and category.
    • Also copy Item's Donor(s) and Soliciting Staff.
    • Also copy Item's Date Received field.
    • Also copy Item's Thanked Donor and Thanked Solicitor fields.
  6. Check the Item(s) you would like to add to your Project using the check boxes on the left.
    • Tip: The Select All box at the top will select all Items.
  7. Click Done. The Item(s) are now added into your Items list.

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