Overview of RSVP and Admissions

Admissions - also referred to as tickets or RSVPs - in Greater Giving Online are indications that a Supporter is coming to your event. If a guest has decided to come to your event, they should have an admission allocated to them. This will help with Check-in, reports, enabling bidders for Online Bidding, and is a major search function using our Saved Search menus.

In Greater Giving Online, you have multiple ways of allocating an admission to a guest:

  • Using RSVP - Generate a URL for offline sales you enter so guests can go online and enter their information.
  • Using the Project Website - Create a Registration Page where guests can go online and purchase their tickets.
  • Import Supporters - Import an excel spreadsheet of Supporters that have tickets assigned to them.
  • Manually Allocate - You can manually allocate admissions for sales.

The RSVP Dashboard:
The RSVP Dashboard is a central location for all of your admissions, a place to get quick stats related to admissions, and to identify which sales are not fully allocated. Read the article above for a full overview of the dashboard.



RSVP is a method of allocating tickets that involves a URL being generated, and Supporters using that URL to RSVP for a particular purchase. Great for offline Sponsorships or Table purchases.

Project Website:

The Project Website has Registration, Sales, and Cash Donation pages that, once created, Supporters can access to purchase their own tickets and add their information into each ticket.

Import Supporters:

Importing Supporters allows you to take a spreadsheet and import a large (or small) number of Supporters all at once. In addition to getting the Supporters into Greater Giving, you can also allocate them tickets, assign bidder numbers, meals, and tables all during the import. We even have a template to use called Import with Meals and Admissions. See: Importing Supporters

Manually Allocate:

Admissions can also be manually allocated to guests by either editing the Sale directly, or through Go Time at your event. You can use the RSVP Contact field when editing the sale to keep track of your main point of contact with a purchasing group.


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