Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ

In today's digital world, websites and applications are relied upon to make life easier and more accessible. Many times these interactions include sharing personal information - and your users entrust you to protect their information.

At Greater Giving, your trust is paramount to us and your donor’s payment security is our top priority. We continuously work to maintain and improve the level of security your users and donors have come to expect. 

What is MFA?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a second level of security verification - so we know you are who you say you are. It keeps the wrong person from accessing your account and donor data. MFA is a new step in your login process.

Why did Greater Giving make this change?

MFA strengthens your account security. As a Greater Giving user, you trust us to keep your data secure. MFA adds an extra layer of protection for your account credentials and donor data.

When did Greater Giving make this change?

MFA for the Event Software and Online Payments was rolled out in August 2021. To ensure that you receive all communications from Greater Giving regarding this and other future product updates make sure you subscribe here.

How does MFA work on my account?

With MFA you will login with the email address attached to your account instead of a username. When you login with MFA you'll need to enter the verification code you receive in an email or text message. This verification process is required for Event Software and Online Payments users every 24 hours. See Using Multi-Factor Authentication

Important: Every user must have their own login with a unique email address. Sharing logins or using email aliases will result in data not saving, changes being overwritten, and inaccurate reporting. Data that has been lost due to shared logins or the use of email aliases cannot be recovered.

Will my attendees, donors, and bidders have to use MFA as well?

No - Supporters do not need to use MFA when making a purchase or donation on a Project Website or Online Payments page since that does not require them to create an account or login. Bidders do not need to use MFA with Online Bidding.

What if I didn't receive the verification code?

If you don't receive your verification code, try having a code sent to you again (a sent code expires after ten minutes) and check your Spam or Junk folders. For the Event Software the email sender will be and the subject line will be “Greater Giving Online Login Verification Code.” For Online Payments the email sender will be and the subject line will be "Greater Giving Online Payments Login Verification Code." If you continue experiencing difficulties, explore additional troubleshooting tips for receiving emails from Greater Giving or reach out to our support team at 866-269-8151 or

What if I no longer have access to my verified email or mobile number?

Your organization admin user(s) will need to create a new user account for the new email address. This can be done from the Organization Home for the Event Software and the Home for Online Payments. For more information see Event Software: Adding or Editing Users or Online Payments: Managing your Accounts. If no one within your organization has admin access please contact our support team at 866-269-8151 or

What happens if I can't sign in to my account?

Our team is available to assist! Contact us at 866-269-8151 or

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