Set Up Text to Donate

Text to Donate will require a few steps that must be completed before you can fully have your Supporters texting and making donations.

  1. An active agreement with Greater Giving using Online Payments (the Project Website).
  2. An active donation page (covered below).
  3. Having an authorized member of your organization fill out our Text to Donate request form.

While you can use a standalone page to accept donations, Greater Giving recommends setting up a page through your Project Website. This means you will need to have a Project created already. You can use your current event Project, or Create a New Project specifically for accepting text donations.

Adding a Donation Page:

  1. Click Manage Project in the Main Menu, and select Manage Project Website.
  2. Using the drop down titled Page Type, select a Registration, Sales and Cash Donation page.
  3. Click the Add Page button.
  4. Add in a Page name, and determine the Page Visibility.
    • You can set the page to be “Show page on website but don't show in navigation” if you would like the page to be accessed only through URL.
  5. Scroll down to the Cash Donations area and make sure you have the following enabled.
    • Donation Headline: This will act as a header for the Cash Donation area and defaults to "I would like to make a donation".
    • Donations Label: This goes right next to the field where guests enter their donation, and defaults to "Donation Amount".
    • Package: The system will use a pre-generated Donation Package. If no such Package exists, the system will create one for you.

These are the basics to adding a donation page that you can link to Text to Donate. Although this is a simple page, simple is often best on mobile devices. Some additional features you can add are:

Explore some fantastic Online Payment donation sites designed by clients and discover new ideas you can implement on your own donation pages by downloading our Online Payments Page: Client Examples PDF.

Finally, once you have created your donation page you can Request Text to Donate from our Support team.

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